At Cheltenham Lashes, we are pioneers in our field. Striving to be the best we can be, we all have a genuine thirst for knowledge, improvement, and self-development - ensuring that we are in the best possible position to offer the most up to date techniques and styling, the highest quality, most effective products, and tools available worldwide, to give the best lash experience to our valued clients.


The knowledge, dexterity, and skills required to create beautifully bespoke, handcrafted lashes isn't something easily achieved - it takes dedication, commitment, and thousands of hours of practice. Lash artistry requires the steady and professional hands of someone who has mastered the intricate art of lash application and should only ever be attempted by such an expert. 

meet the team

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Shirley Bourne


I have been working in the lash industry since 2007 and have built from the ground up the Cheltenham Lashes you see today.

I am an advanced qualified lash tech, international trainer, and mentor.

I've worn many hats along my journey, but my passion remains working with clients old and new to design and create their beautiful lashes. Lashes to be worn on an ongoing basis. Lashes to reflect who they are, and the image they choose to project lashes to help make them feel even more beautiful and unique.

I still have the same passion for my daily work 13 years later, and thoroughly enjoy spending quality time in the company of our valued clients, interpreting their needs, and delivering outstanding and wearable lashes.

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Natalie Bowen


I trained 6 years ago and love my job so much. The thing I love the most are my amazing clients who are now my friends,  and even though most of them have been coming for years, they still get up and look in the mirror and love their newly infilled lashes 🥰 I'd say my style was fluffy but can do a decent full on set too.


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Katie Gegg

I trained with Novalash 9 years ago. 


As a certified aromatherapist I’m also the salons 'Green witch' and run my own aromatherapy business alongside my lashing. My loves and passions are all things plants, nature and doing what I can to save the planet.


I love lashing because it gives clients that extra bit of confidence and self-love that every woman deserves, and for me I also get to talk to so many different and amazing women I'd never have got the chance to meet before. 


My style is elegant and fluffy - I achieve this by using wider fans.

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My name is Aimee, and I am a lash addict!


I have trained and worked in eyelash extensions for over 9 years now. I was Novalash trained by the very best, Shirley aka The boss, known to me as Mummy.


I consider myself very lucky to have been there for the birth of Cheltenham Lashes and continue to watch it thrive! Having studied art and design at college I found myself loving all things creative which I believe shows within my work.


Lashing me is a work of art, each piece different to the last but just as perfect.

Aimee Hartley



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Cat Hartley

I am a mum of two who LOVES her work!


Lashing is my obsession as well as my profession. I have over 9 years of experience in lashes and joined the family business in 2013 to work alongside the team of girls (made up largely of family and friends) my mum Shirley and my sister Aimee. I aim to provide my clients with a first-class service and ensure I am always one step ahead of the curve with the very best products and techniques.


My style would be described differently by each individual, that is because I love to create tailored looks specific to the eyes that I’m working on. Be it full and fluffy, light and natural or everything in between, I use my many years of experience to best interpret the needs and wants of each client so they can leave with lashes that they can’t wait to show off! 


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Jade Roselli

I trained in lash extensions 6 years ago.

I started work with Cheltenham Lashes in 2019 and have further developed my skills here. I am now creating the best lashes I have ever done!


I love creating full and fluffy lashes and seeing my clients super happy with their dream lashes. Most of my clients like their lashes long, thick, and fluffy but I also love creating softer sets and even using coloured lashes. I am a very creative person so I like being able to play around with different styles and designs to find the best lashes to suit you.


I also own a biodegradable glitter business (Dust & Dance)  along with a make-up business, so seeing me covered in glitter isn’t unusual.  When not lashing you can usually find me at local festivals making you sparkly too!! 

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Alexandra Sinclair


I trained in lash extensions and have been working with Cheltenham lashes for 4 years now. I'm a fully trained, successful working makeup artist and have been for over 10 years.  I believe that lashes and makeup are the perfect combination, and so I combine my working lives to help to enhance my client’s beauty.


Feel free to bring you earphones and I'll pop mine on too or have a little nap as I'm usually quiet concentrating on giving you the perfect lashes.

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