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Frequently asked questions

What kind of lashes do Cheltenham Lashes use?

All our lashes are made of synthetic fibre, they are hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty free.

Does my therapist have to be qualified to apply lashes?

Yes, All of our lash artists are fully trained and qualified in the intricate art of eyelash extensions and are considered to be some of the best in their field of expertise. They each have thousands of hours of lash application experience and have all completed the Cheltenham Lashes mentoring program.

How do I prepare for my lash appointment?

Prior to your lash appointment you are welcome to pop into the salon for a patch test. These are no longer compulsory as they aren't necessarily likely to indicate sensitivity in the majority of clients - since allergies and sensitivities are normally something which develop over a period of time. We are however, completely happy to do them for clients who want them. Before your lash appointment it’s most important for us that you attend with squeaky clean eyelashes - without a trace of cosmetics on or near to your eyes. Lashes adhere best to clean lashes! It's also worth bringing along some images of the sort of look you'd like to achieve - to give us an idea of what your expectations are. We need to work with the limitations of your natural lashes, but a picture will give us a good discussion starting point from which to work.

How long does the application take?

Having eyelash extensions applied is a comfortable and relaxing process. With the advanced skill level of our artists it takes us little over an hour to create a full set of volume extensions, working effectively and efficiently. So there is no need to worry about lying still for hours on end. Different lash sets will have varying application durations and these are noted on our booking system and price list. There is also always the option to add additional time to your appointments if you want extra fullness.

How long do they last?

Eyelash extensions last an average of 3-5 weeks, with a proper aftercare routine. To maintain a consistently full lash line we recommend that you come for an infill at 3 week intervals. All infills in our salon can be booked between 2-5 weeks. If it's been more than 5 weeks since your last appointment you will require a full replacement set booking.

How do I look after my lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are wonderfully low-maintenance. With today’s modern flexible adhesives there is no need to worry about getting your lashes wet, or waiting hours before you can resume normal activities - your lashes will be completely set and totally water and oil proof before you even open your eyes! What’s more, the best care for these lashes is to just keep the eye area and your lashes clean, using a small microfiber facial cleansing cloth and some foaming lash wash. The only ingredients you need to avoid exposing your lashes to are Glycol and Alcohol/Ethanol

Can I continue with my sports routine with eyelash extensions?

YES! You can go swimming with your extensions, work out and still enjoy your normal everyday activities because the extensions are oil & waterproof.

Does the application hurt?

Never! The application is a very relaxing process, so much so that it is not at all unusual for our clients to fall asleep during the treatment. Once we have prepared your lashes and applied pads under your eyes, you can just close your eyes and relax whilst we gently and methodically apply our hand crafted, lightweight, soft and flexible lash fans one by one, directly onto each of your natural lashes. Using minute amounts of medical grade adhesive designed specifically for use around the eye area, your new extensions cure almost instantly, and adhere only to your lashes, never to your skin.

What products do you use?

As we use our own range of lashes - selected for their quality and consistency. We favour Ruthie Belle ‘Dark Matter’ adhesives and application liquids currently - but are always researching and testing out pioneering new products as they become available, to help us to ensure that you get the very best products available in our industry.

I had the eyelash extension applied before but I had an allergic reaction. Can I still have them done?

Unfortunately, if you already had an allergic reaction, it is likely that you will have it again, so would not be considered suitable for lash extensions. Most of the clients who have experienced an allergic reaction in the past, experience it again after subsequent treatments. Please remember that although extremely rare, an allergic reaction is something you can develop at any point while having your lashes done, despite having it previously done or after the patch test procedure. If you ever experience any discomfort, itchiness, redness or swelling around the eye area after your treatment, please see your GP immediately and get in touch with the salon.

Are there different lengths of eyelash extensions?

Yes, we have a wide variety of eyelash extension lengths, in differing curls and thicknesses in stock, to enable us to totally customise a look that works perfectly for you. Prior to your treatment, your lash artist will have a short consultation with you, where you can discuss the final look you'd like to achieve. We will select lengths, thickness and curl according to your natural lashes and both your eye and face shape in order to perfectly enhance your desired look.

Do eyelash extensions come in different colours?

Black lashes remain the most popular client choice, but we do also offer brown lashes for softer looks, these also look great on blondes and redheads. Additionally, we offer bright or pastel colours in a multitude of shades, these can be applied for a subtle hint or for full on drama.

Do you offer eyelash extensions for men?

Absolutely yes ! Eyelash Extensions are the hottest new trend to hit the men’s grooming industry. In our skilled hands we can give you a super natural set of eyelashes which will enhance your eyes without anyone knowing that you have extensions.

What is and is not safe for your extensions ?

Always avoid using anything with large amounts of Polyethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Propylene Carbonate and anything with more than 2% of Caprylyl Glycol, Butylene Glycol and Hexylene Glycol. Alcohol and ethanol. You can usually tell how large the ingredient percentage is when looking at the order of the ingredients on a label. The higher an ingredient is to the top of the list, the larger the ingredient percentage is. If the Caprylyl, Butylene or Hexylene Glycols are more towards the bottom of the listed ingredients, they should be safe to use with extensions. Clean lashes will always last longer! Our natural lashes are designed to protect our eyes and to trap the dirt and debris of the day. You should therefore, wash your lashes daily, using a microfibre makeup cloth with foaming lash wash. By keeping Your lashes clean , cosmetic build up and dirt at bay - your lash fans will stay open and fluffy. Grooming them regularly with a lash wand to align the lashes and to remove any loose or stray ones will also keep them looking beautiful .