Full set of Volume lashes (1 - 8 D )           £90
approx 120 hand crafted lash fans per eye... a bespoke design to suit your exact requirements. from the very subtle to uber dramatic - the choice is yours

Volume infills (req every 3-5 weeks)        £40
rebalancing your lashes and returning them to their original glory

Lash Tweak                                                    £25
up to 50 hand crafted lash fans per eye ...for those times between infills when you want to perfect that lash line again 
( these cannot be booked as regular infills)

Occasion lashes                                             £45
approx 80 volume fans per eye these lashes are designed for an occasion or just to try our lashes out - we do not infill or maintain occasion lashes

Returning Client lashes                                £55
for full set clients who havent been back for a little while ...within 4 months of your last appointment you can take advantage of this offer as a 'welcome back'  giving you a £35 discount off the full price

Conversion Lashes                              from £55
If you have nicely applied lahes  - but have always wanted a 'Cheltenham lashes' set
you can convert over to us at this discounted rate.
Also if you are one of our occasion lashes clients, you too can upgrade at this price.
**please note that occasionally we may need to remove your old lashes before applying ours, this will incur an additional £10 charge)

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